APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) play a crucial role in facilitating communication and data exchange between different components of software. Particularly in blockchain development, APIs serve as a bridge between applications and the underlying blockchain network.


To quickly connect your app or client to CosVM's mainnet, head over to the Networks section to find a list of publicly available endpoints. These endpoints act as addresses that your app or client can use to establish a connection with CosVM. They enable your software to communicate with the CosVM blockchain, allowing access to data and the ability to perform actions such as checking balances or initiating transactions. By exploring the Networks section, you'll discover the specific addresses or URLs required to establish this connection. This step is crucial as it enables your application to seamlessly interact with CosVM. Therefore, ensure to utilize the listed endpoints for a secure and effective connection to CosVM's mainnet.


The CosVM Network extends its support to various clients to facilitate both Cosmos and Ethereum transactions and queries. Within the CosVM ecosystem, users have the flexibility to utilize different clients tailored for interacting with Cosmos-based chains and those compatible with Ethereum's transaction standards. To interact with the network, Swagger serves as a REST interface, providing a user-friendly means for executing state queries and transactions. Swagger simplifies the process of interacting with the CosVM Network's APIs, allowing users to query blockchain states and perform transactions seamlessly within the CosVM environment.

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