Getting Started

To begin your journey, if you are interested in developing a dApp on CosVM, we have comprehensive documentation and an academy available for you. By following these resources, you will gain the knowledge and skills required to become a valuable member of the thriving EVM builders community on Cosmos. Whether you are creating innovative use cases on CosVM or migrating an already established dApp from a different blockchain, we highly recommend exploring the relevant sections in our resources.

Developing and implementing EVM Smart Contracts Incorporating wallets (such as Keplr and MetaMask) into your Frontend Accessible developer Tools After conducting tests on Testnet and deploying on Mainnet, you can commence generating revenue through transaction fees by engaging with your dApp or enrolling your tokens for cross-chain utilization.

Why develop dApps on CosVM?

The primary objective of the CosVM Core Development Team is to furnish the essential resources required for constructing the forthcoming cross-chain applications, liberating developers from the limitations imposed by the current isolated blockchains.

CosVM is dedicated to promoting cross-chain innovation, enabling developers to create innovative dApp experiences for their users. The deployment of smart contracts on CosVM is a seamless process, as the CosVM blockchain seamlessly integrates with Ethereum, providing access to its extensive range of powerful tools, wallets, explorers, abundant assets, and knowledgeable end-users. Additionally, CosVM empowers developers to construct scalable EVM dApp chains using the forthcoming CosVM SDK. Furthermore, it fosters a vibrant community governance model that prioritizes fairness for all key participants, including users, builders, and validators.

CosVM achieves this by capitalizing on the compatibility between the Cosmos Ecosystem and the prevailing backing for EVM advancement. This empowers dApp developers to employ Ethereum smart contracts for executing on-chain business logic, all the while benefiting from the Cosmos chain's capabilities, including the ability to exchange value with other components of the Cosmos Ecosystem via the Inter Blockchain Communication Protocol (IBC).


In addition to developing a dApp, there are other ways to contribute to the CosVM ecosystem. Visit the tools section to explore opportunities for contributing as a full-stack developer. You can contribute by creating new development tools or protocols that assist in building the core protocol.

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