Prior to real users engaging in transactions with real funds on your dApp, it is crucial to consider specific aspects when launching it on Mainnet. While transitioning your dApp from Testnet to Mainnet might involve a simple procedure of deploying your contracts to the Mainnet network, guaranteeing its success and maximizing its visibility may necessitate supplementary business development endeavors. Here is a summary of several essential factors to take into account.



You can deploy your contracts on Mainnet using the JSON-RPC. This is the same procedure as on Testnet, but instead targeting the Mainnet network endpoints. Before you do so, have a look at the following considerations.


It is crucial to conduct extensive testing of your smart contracts on the CosVM Testnet to guarantee their proper functioning. A comprehensive testing approach should encompass all functions, error handling mechanisms, and edge cases to ensure thorough coverage.

Performing a thorough security audit of the smart contract code is crucial whenever feasible, as it allows for the identification and elimination of any potential vulnerabilities or weaknesses. This becomes even more essential for the mainnet, where the code will be accessible to all users, and any security flaws could lead to significant financial losses. It is advisable to familiarize oneself with common vulnerabilities and best practices in contract security. Additionally, external auditors can provide valuable assistance in optimizing the performance of your contract.

To ensure effective contract ownership management, it is advisable to contemplate the adoption of a multi-signature mechanism to enhance security measures. By doing so, you can retain deployment ownership within your team rather than relying on a single owner who may potentially depart from the team.

Finally, ensure that all external libraries or dependencies utilized by the contract are both current and secure.

Contract upgradeability

Take into consideration the potential for enhancing the contract in the future and incorporating upgrade mechanisms as necessary. This will allow you to modify the contract without the need to redeploy it, thereby creating a fresh contract.


Assess the expenses related to deploying and executing the smart contract, encompassing the deployment cost and the efficiency of executing its functions, to ensure adequacy and efficiency for end users.

Contract documentation

Please ensure that the contract is accompanied by a well-defined and thorough documentation, encompassing its objectives, functionalities, and possible risks. This will aid users in comprehending the contract's usage and facilitate other developers in reviewing and enhancing the code.

Token distribution

Your decentralized application (dApp) may choose to issue an ERC-20 token, for instance, to provide token holders with extra advantages. In such a scenario, it becomes crucial for you to determine the distribution method and the type of narrative you wish to establish.


CosVM allows you to generate income by enabling users to interact with your dApp, ensuring a consistent revenue stream. By registering their smart contracts, developers can receive a portion of the transaction fees whenever someone engages with their registered contract.

For information on the registration process of your smart contracts, please visit our Academy. If you are interested in understanding the implementation details on the protocol, we recommend reviewing the revenue module specification.


Demonstrate your presence within the CosVM community and elucidate the significance of your dApp. Establishing a connection with the community is crucial in order to demonstrate how individuals can actively participate and contribute to your project. By doing so, not only will you enhance the visibility of your dApp, but you may also attract a fresh community of users who are eager to enhance and refine your dApp.

Head over to the CosVM Discord channel get in touch with the community and contributors and showcase your dApp on one of the next community calls. We also have a Telegram group for our builders.

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