Trust Wallet

In this guide, you will learn how to use the Trust Wallet extension on Google Chrome to send and receive tokens and interact with the CosVM network.

Connecting with Trust Wallet

Note: This guideline is not applicable to IOS. A separate IOS guideline will be made available soon.

Install Trust Wallet Extension:

Begin by installing the Trust Wallet extension in your web browser. Ensure that you are using a supported browser for the extension. You can download and install the Trust Wallet extension from the official extension store of your web browser

Once you have successfully installed the Trust Wallet extension and configured your user wallet within the Trust Wallet.

Once your wallet is configured, proceed by clicking on the "Switch Network" button. Within the available options, select "Manage Networks" to access the settings where you can add the CosVM network to your Trust Wallet. This step is crucial for connecting your Trust Wallet to the CosVM network, ensuring you can seamlessly manage your assets, perform transactions, and engage with decentralized applications (DApps) on the CosVM blockchain

Option 1 : Configure CosVM Network using Chainlist

To begin, open the Chainlist website by clicking on the provided link. Once on the Chainlist website, use the search functionality to locate 'CosVM' in the listings. The search results will display a screen presenting relevant information about CosVM.

Here is the Chainlist link

To add the CosVM network to Trust Wallet using Chainlist, follow these steps:

  • Visit the Chainlist website and select 'Add to Metamask.

  • Click the button, and a prompt will automatically appear on the screen.

  • Click the 'Connect' button to complete the process

After selecting the CosVM network on Chainlist, an 'Add Custom Network' prompt will appear. Simply click on the 'Approve' button to add the network to Trust Wallet

To connect to the CosVM network, switch your network by clicking on the 'Switch Network' button.

Option 2 : Configure CosVM Network using custom Network

After clicking on the "Manage Network" button, proceed to further customization by selecting the "Add Custom Network" button. This step is essential for adding the CosVM network to your Trust Wallet, allowing you to tailor the wallet's settings to seamlessly interact with the CosVM blockchain. By selecting "Add Custom Network," you'll be prompted to input specific details about the CosVM network, including the network name, RPC URL (Remote Procedure Call URL), chain ID, symbol, and explorer URL.

Configure CosVM Network:

Provide the necessary details to configure the CosVM network. This includes the network name, RPC URL (Remote Procedure Call URL), chain ID, symbol, and explorer URL. Ensure that you use the correct information specific to the CosVM network.

Network Name      : CosVM Network
RPC URL           :
Chain ID          : 323
Symbol            : CVM
CVM Explorer URL  :

After inputting all the required configurations, click on the "Add Custom Network" button, and the CosVM blockchain will be successfully added to your Trust Wallet. This integration ensures that your Trust Wallet is now connected to the CosVM network, allowing you to manage and interact with CosVM-based assets seamlessly.

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