What is the difference between IBC and EVM?

The EVM drives smart contract execution on the Ethereum blockchain. Meanwhile, IBC is a protocol for communicating between different chains.

What does IBC in the Cosmos ecosystem stand for?

Composable Finance is bringing inter-blockchain communication (IBC) from the Cosmos to Polkadot. IBC, as its name indicates, is an interoperability protocol that helps blockchains communicate with each other in the Cosmos ecosystem.


CosVM Is a EVM Computable BlockChain Running IN cosmos SDK. CosVM Intregated ChainSync Engine in Inter-BlockChain Communication (IBC). Means Now CosVM user Can Auto Sync With Any IBC Enables Chain.

The Auto Sync Technology Make Developer More Easy for Deploy cross Chain And Interconnect not only cosmos (IBC) Now EVM & Cosmos Both Are synchronized in interchain network.

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