CVM Wallet Configuration

CosVM is seamlessly supported by more than 20+ wallets, making it easy for users to access and manage their CosVM assets. In this document, we will explore the configuration process for popular wallets to connect to the CosVM chain.

CVM Wallet Overview:

CVM Wallet is a self-custodial crypto wallet developed exclusively for the CosVM Network. It provides native support for CosVM and several CosVM cryptocurrencies and wide compatibility with all NFTs on the CosVM chain. The wallet is available for both mobile (iOS and Android) and desktop users.

Mobile Wallet:

Download the mobile app for iOS and Android. Features a powerful in-app browser for seamless interaction with decentralized applications, covering DeFi, NFTs, and Web3 Gaming.


An extension of the wallet will soon be available, functioning as a standalone application on your computer


  • Enables checking cryptocurrency balances on CosVM and interacting with decentralized applications.

  • Download MetaMask here.

  • Mobile app and browser extension configurations require additional steps. Refer to the MetaMask configuration guide for detailed instructions.

Keplr Wallet:

  • Native support for CosVM chain and dApps.

  • Download Keplr Wallet here.

  • Configuration guide for Keplr Wallet is available for easy setup.

Trust Wallet

  • Developed by Trust Browser, this wallet allows users to check cryptocurrency balances on cosVM and interact with decentralized applications.

  • Configuration steps are outlined in the trust Wallet guide for user-friendly setup.

Connect effortlessly to the CosVM chain using your preferred wallet. Explore the detailed configuration guides for each wallet to ensure a seamless and secure experience in managing your CosVM assets.

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