Chain ID

chain ID serves as a distinctive identifier for a blockchain network, uniquely distinguishing it from others. This identifier plays a critical role in ensuring that transactions and messages are directed accurately to the intended network. Within the CosVM network, the chain ID adheres to the identifier_EIP155-version format, facilitating precise identification and validation of transactions within the CosVM ecosystem


This outlines crucial details and identifiers pertinent to the CosVM Network, including its name, IP address, distinct Chain IDs for both Cosmos and EVM chains, and the native token symbol used within the CosVM blockchain environment.

1. Network Name:

CosVM Network: It denotes the ecosystem or network infrastructure that supports both Cosmos-based chains and Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM)-compatible chains within the CosVM environment.

2. Chain ID

3. Token Symbol:

CVM: The symbol "CVM" serves as a representation of a cryptocurrency native to the CosVM blockchain, often used for transactions, smart contracts, and network interactions within the CosVM ecosystem

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