Smart Contracts

CosVM built upon the foundations of the Cosmos ecosystem, facilitates smart contract deployment and development through Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatibility. It harnesses the power of EVM standards and tooling, providing a familiar environment for developers to build decentralized applications (dApps) and leverage interoperability across various chains within the Cosmos network.

Building with Solidity

  • Solidity Compatibility: Developers can craft EVM-compatible smart contracts using Solidity, the standard programming language for Ethereum-based contracts.

  • Seamless Migration: Contracts deployed on Ethereum or any other EVM-compatible chain can be effortlessly employed on CosVm.

  • Rich Language Support: Solidity offers extensive language support and a well-documented ecosystem, enabling developers to create sophisticated smart contracts. Various tools and IDE plugins are available to aid in Solidity development.

EVM Extensions

  • Enhanced Functionality: CosVm introduces EVM Extensions, extending Ethereum's basic feature set with precompiled contracts offering specific functionalities.

  • Stateful Precompiled Contracts: Unlike standard Go-Ethereum implementations limited to reading state information, CosVm's stateful precompiled contracts enable state transitions, allowing operations like staking and governance within smart contracts.

  • Enhanced Interoperability: EVM Extensions broaden the scope for complex smart contract functionalities and enhance interoperability between Cosmos and Ethereum ecosystems.

Oracles Integration

  • External Data Access: Oracles bridge the gap between blockchains and external information sources, enabling smart contracts on CosVm to access real-world data.

  • Real-Life Applications: Oracles facilitate applications such as insurance, financial operations, gaming, and more by allowing smart contracts to utilize external data feeds.

Deployment with Ethereum JSON-RPC

  1. Full Compatibility: CosVm seamlessly integrates with Ethereum JSON-RPC APIs, enabling deployment and interaction with smart contracts via existing Ethereum-compatible web3 tooling.

  2. Enhanced Connectivity: This compatibility grants access to Ethereum-formatted transactions, offering direct interaction not typically feasible on a Cosmos chain like CosVm.

Tooling and Utilities

  1. Block Explorers: Utilize block explorers to debug, track, and analyze smart contract interactions deployed on CosVm. These explorers provide comprehensive information about blocks, transactions, addresses, and more.

  2. Contract Verification: To ensure transparency, contract verification tools publish and verify original Solidity code, validating that users interact with the correct smart contracts deployed on CosVm.

Evolving CosVm Features

  • Continuous Enhancements: CosVm's core protocol team constantly introduces features to optimize the smart contract development experience.

  • Mainnet Functionalities: Explore various functionalities, such as revenue generation from smart contracts or cross-chain ERC-20 token registration, offered within CosVm Mainnet environment.

This comprehensive detail the capabilities and procedures surrounding smart contract development and deployment on CosVm. By leveraging EVM compatibility, rich tooling support, and enhanced functionalities like EVM Extensions and Oracles, CosVm provides a robust platform for developers to create diverse and innovative decentralized applications within the Cosmos ecosystem.

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